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T-shirt designs
Design and Lay-out of Brochures etc.
Package Design

In 1995 Marleen started working in the commercial art field once again. The challenge was to learn how to illustrate and design by using the computer as a tool. She has since then developed the skill to create illustrations successfully with the same feel and textures as the conventional art materials.
With her initial experience in the advertising industry as renderer and graphic designer, she found it much more productive to design on computer. Her portfolio is extensive : Logos, brochures, postcards, posters, calendars, corporate gifts and clothing, package design, t-shirt designs etc. From concept to the final product; handling the creative ideas and designing high-res printready artwork , liaising with the printers and doing quality control. Being involved in styling at a photoshoot is also no problem as Marleen(Paddy)’s husband, Jacques Bernard, is a professional photographer and they often work on projects together.

Blue Note ART Studio cc was registered in the year 2000 and offers graphic design and illustration facilities as well as live music for functions.  Paddy often free-lances for advertising agencies either by working on her own Apple Mac system at her studio, or at the agency’s premises.  She has completed numerous published illustrations for educational, children’s books and a great variety of other illustrations for advertising purposes. She has also done a lot of artwork for SA National Parks Board related to Snake Awareness and Alien Plants etc.


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